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The Patient, Consumer, and Public Health Coalition is an informal coalition of nonprofit organizations representing the interests of patients, consumers, health-care professionals, scientists, public health experts, and advocates. 

Policy Positions

Policy positions in the form of letters, public comments, media releases, and testimony, will be reviewed by all members allowing each organization to “opt in or out,” depending on the mission, policies, focus, and involvement of those organizations. 


Prescription and over-the-counter drugs can be life-saving or harmful. Our goal is to improve the safety and effectiveness of drugs sold in the U.S. and educate healthcare professionals and patients about known and unknown benefits and risks.


More than 95% of medical devices on the market were not required to be proven safe or effective. Less than 5% are required to be studied in clinical trials. Our goal is to improve the safety and effectiveness of all medical devices sold in the U.S. and educate healthcare professionals and patients about known and unknown benefits and risks of each device.

Health Legislation

On the State and Federal level, legislation is passed every year that affects our access to healthcare as well as the quality and affordability of our health care. We fight for legislation that will improve the health of all adults and children across the country.​

Consumer Product Safety

Most Americans take safety for granted when they buy consumer products such as shampoo, sunscreen, couches, cribs, bike helmets, teething toys, or watch their children play on artificial turf or rubber play surfaces. We are educating families, communities, policy makers, and the public to take a more careful look at the safety claims of these products.

General Topics

These are the issues that cross cut over all the other ones, such as the importance of patients’ access to accurate information about medical products, improving communications between doctors and patients, decreasing discrimination and disparities in health care, and ensuring appropriate gender, racial, ethnic, and age diversity in clinical trials.

Recent Policy Positions

Coalition letter to CMS on Lecanemab approval and maintaining their coverage decision
We applaud your National Coverage Determination limited coverage of this class of drugs solely to patients participating in clinical trials following the approval of aducanamab (Aduhelm) by the FDA. The...
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Joint Letter from from Cancer Groups and Patient-Centered Nonprofits about VALID Act in Omnibus
We are writing to express our strong support for your bipartisan support for the VALID Act earlier this year, and to urge you to include it in the Omnibus Spending bill with a few small improvements. Our...
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Coalition Letter to MAP workgroups on CT quality measures
We are writing to enthusiastically support the CT quality measures developed by researchers at the University of California, San Francisco: Excessive Radiation Dose or Inadequate Image Quality for Diagnostic...
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meet Our Members

The coalition is made up of nonprofit organizations committed to public health. 

In unity there is strength! As organizations, we learn from each other and work together toward our common goals of improving the lives of patients and consumers, and improving the public health.
Diana Zuckerman
President, National Center for Health research
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