Speeding Ineffective and Unsafe Treatments to Market in the Name of Patients? Not So Fast

By Karuna Jaggar (Breast Cancer Action), The Huffington Post

July 13, 2015


As the head of Breast Cancer Action, a national watchdog organization for the breast cancer movement, I frequently hear from long-time members who are outraged that breast cancer treatments remain largely the same as they were decades ago. Activists and doctors alike worry that the basic treatments for breast cancer continues to be “slash, burn, poison”–more commonly referred to in medical offices as surgery, radiation, chemotherapy–with too few advances benefiting too few women. Too many women continue to be diagnosed with and die from breast cancer.

Why, then, would Breast Cancer Action and other watchdog groups oppose a bill currently speeding through Congress that some say will help get new medical products and treatments into the hands of patients faster?

Because, quick Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approvals don’t help patients if the treatment or technology doesn’t work in the first place–or worse if it is harmful! […]

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