Mission Statement

The Patient, Consumer and Public Health Coalition is an informal coalition of individuals and nonprofit organizations representing the interests of patients, consumers, health-care professionals, scientists, and public health experts and advocates.

​We are united to ensure  access to safe, effective and affordable drugs and medical devices and safeguards against unsafe exposures from medications, personal care products, and other products in our daily environment.  The Coalition is also dedicated to enhancing the ability of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to promote and protect the health of adults and children through enforcement of the Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act.​

The Coalition’s principal objectives are to:

  • Advocate for the timely approval of safe and effective prescription drugs and medical devices supported by a thorough, unbiased review of the evidence.
  • Enhance the funding and enforcement ability of the federal agencies responsible for research, regulation and oversight of medications, medical devices, and other consumer products.
  • Serve as a voice for patients, consumers, and public health in advocating for federal policies that will lead to the increased availability and appropriate prescribing of safe, effective, and affordable drugs and medical devices.
  • Promote education and greater awareness of drug and medical device safety and effectiveness issues on the part of the general public, patients, and those who care for them.
  • Promote transparency of the FDA’s decision-making process by advocating for better public access to information about medical products and the basis for FDA decisions.
  • Provide decision-makers with timely analyses and recommendations on federal policies affecting safety, effectiveness and affordability of medications, medical devices, and other consumer products with implications for health.
  • Ensure that federal government researchers are free to do their work and analyses based on the best available science, free from corporate and political interference.